Exploring Algebraic Thinking in a Math Teachers’ Circle

How to use an inquiry-based exploration of visual thinking to develop algebraic thinking in our adult numeracy and hse classes.

Facilitator(s): Eric, Solange, Mark
Date of Meeting: July 17, 2017
Problem: pdf · url

Eric, Solange and Mark led a webinar called “Exploring Algebraic Thinking in a Math Teachers’ Circle”, revisiting a workshop that we gave at the 2015 National COABE Conference. This webinar focuses on an inquiry-based process of algebraic thinking through use of visual patterns and multiple strategies for problem solving, including drawing, different ways of seeing, making charts/tables, and making predictions using rules. FacilitatorsĀ model an open approach, having students generate their own problems and also discuss how to help students analyze and connect different solution methods and how to bridge visual thinking into algebraic thinking.

For full lesson plans on how to teach both a scaffolded and more open approach to developing algebraic thinking through visual patterns, seeĀ Unit 8 of the CUNY HSE Math Curriculum Framework.

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