CAMI Roadshow: NCTM 2016

CAMI celebrated its two year anniversary with a few founding CAMI members representing our teachers’ circle at this year’s regional NCTM conference in Philadelphia.

Facilitator(s): Tyler, Solange, Eric and Mark
Date of Meeting: November 1, 2016
Problem: · docx

Our session began at 8 in the morning with a small but energetic and enthusiastic group of teachers from Maryland and New Jersey. We started with introductions and a brief introduction to CAMI including a discussion of the Diana Lambdin quote that went out with our initial invitation to CAMI in November 2014…

“No matter how kindly, clearly, patiently, or slowly teachers explain, they cannot make students understand. Understanding takes place in the students’ minds as they connect new information with previously developed ideas, and teaching through problem solving is a powerful way to promote this kind of thinking.”

With the stage being set, we jumped right in and gave out this visual pattern. We asked teachers to write down what they saw and to pose a few questions.

Visual Pattern 19 (version 2 - the buffalo)

After a few minutes, teachers shared their questions in pairs and wrote more questions.


Then each pair chose a few questions and posted them on the wall:


Next, each pair choose a question to work on, working on their own first and then as a team.


img_7158 Then we asked everyone to create posters to share their question and their thinking.

img_7164 img_7163 img_7165Then we did a gallery walk commenting on all the posters.

img_7171 img_7170

Workshop Materials and Handouts
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